TimeWaver Cardio und Pulse

TimeWaver Cardio and TimeWaver Pulse now also Available with Depiction of Biological Age








For years TimeWaver Cardio has proven itself as a diagnostic access to energy and information field medicine. 
  1. It assesses the most important physiological vibrations, namely the heartbeat, regarding its inner order, i.e. the coherence and displays the result in 14 informative parameters.
  2. In the new TimeWaver Cardio Module this detailed and informative evaluation was extended to a concise and simple evaluation for beginners and laymen. 
  3. With three parameters about the stress quality of heart, body and psyche, it gives a quick insight to the stress condition of a patient.
Mobil-o-Graph® TimeWaver Vascular System
TimeWaver 3-Kanal EKG Recorder
TimeWaver Pulse

CONNECTION with TimeWaver Med

Combined with the TimeWaver Med software you get a holistic system that can analyse these 14 parameters in the information field and will show you the causes of stress found there. It will next show you a list of optimization possibilities that can now easily be balanced in the information field. TimeWaver Cardio generates a list of all possible cardio-vascular and therapeutic remedies found in the information field that can be used for balancing those parameters outside normal condition.

TimeWaver Cardio

The system for measuring and analysis of the heart rate as a standalone or add-on device in TimeWaver: ECG-recorder, ECG-software, TimeWaver HRV-software, TimeWaver HRV-analysis and balancing module with databases.

The autonomic nervous system is the central point for the regulation of the body's ability. By TimeWaver Cardio we accompany the patients with Burn out symptoms or chronic stress depicted by their psycho-nervous-immunological-endocrine System (Psyche,  Nervous-, Hormonal-Immune system).

TimeWaver Pulse - identical to TimeWaver cardio in measurement and treatment - but alternatively has no  ECG electrodes but a pulse oximeter finger clip for measurments.

TimeWaver Pulse

Alternatively to TimeWaver Cardio as fingerclip for measuring the pulse wave and analysis of the heart rat. Both systems together: ECG and finger clip for HRV measuring.

TimeWaver Cardio&Pulse

Both systems together: EKG and fingerclip for HRV measurement.

TimeWaver Vascular

Blood pressure and pulse wave measuring device, software for calculation and maintenance of the measured parameters, TimeWaver Vascular software with analysis function and databases.

The 14 Parametres and Their Physical Correlations


Very Low Frequencies/ High Frequencies: Relationship between sympathetic

High Frequencies parasympathetic nervous system and between exhaustion and stress.


Very Low Frequencies Stress level of the overall activity plus

High Frequencies and regulatory ability of the vegetative nervous system

Stress Index Acute stress

acute regulatory abilities (requirements)

Distress Index Chronic stress

chronic regulatory ability

HR Heart Rate Central pulse
CV Cardio Variability Heart rate variability, infl exible and chaotic parameters
ES Extra systoles Shown as chaotic tendencies
IC Index of Centralization
Stress state of the limbic system (will power, motivation)
ULF Ultralow Frequencies

Regulatory ability in relation to the different hormonal glands

1 / HF 1

High Frequencies Stress state related to the immune system

LF Low Frequencies:

Stress state related to tension in the solar plexus (individual inner pressure)

VLF Very Low Frequentier

Stress state of the sympathetic nervous system (adrenal glands, power, tension, activity, from order to chaos)

HF High Frequencies

Stress state of parasympathetic nervous system (vagus nerve, erst, intuition, relaxation, creativity, from disorder up to chaotic tendencies)

BA Biological age of a patient


Science and conventional medicine does not acknowledge the existence of information fields their medical and other important TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence.

The said application is based on, treatment options, experiences and anecdotal reports from the practice.