TimeWaver MED & MOBILE

The Specialist System for Information Field Analysis








TimeWaver MED & MOBILE

TimeWaver’s ability is to analyse the influences that affect us in all areas of life and try to balance them.
It’s very important that we understand these effects on all existing levels, from the physical, energy, regulatory, frequency, psychic and other basic inherent parts of ourselves.


TimeWaver works on those levels that can generally be distinguished in a whole human being. 

TimeWaver Med

The system for medical professionals with organ coherency module, microcurrent module, MyTimeWaver module


TimeWaver Database with its Medical Reference

The TimeWaver database is the core of the system: More than 600 categories with more than 1,000,000 entries and their respective resonance pattern.

Ten Levels of Information Categories in TimeWaver

TimeWaver provides you with interesting information about possible correlations with disorders in a client´s information fi eld and the possible usage of the system on the described ten levels. In the TimeWaver database you will find an extensive selection of information patterns which allow a client to be viewed holistically. The information field analysis aims to comprise all dimensions, from the spiritual and psychic levels to the physical and symptomatic levels.  

  • Spiritual Level
  • Systemic Level
  • Psychic Level
  • Information Level
  • Energy Level
  • Frequency Level
  • Physiological Processes
  • Detoxification
  • Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites and Fungi
  • Symptomatic Level

Our experience is, only if looked upon on all these levels, a person can be understood in his wholeness. The analysis and the aspired re-estabilishing of a balance is what we call balancing and optimization.

Thus TimeWaver is a tool that shall help to investigate the correlations and deeper levels in the information field and in that area we call life; a tool which according to our model uses consciousness and information as a basis to analyse the different levels of life and to treat them with positive information.

Cellular Biology

• Biological transmutation
• Elementary metabolism
• Glucose metabolism
• Metabolic state
• Intercellular substance transport
• Storage diseases
• Cell organelles
• Cell tension
• Citric acid cycle

Frequency Therapy

• Brain frequencies

• Rife / Clark frequencies

• Healing frequencies based on Hz / symptoms

• Polarized light, tones and light

• Chakra frequencies

• Basic resonances of the human body

• Cell and organ attributed frequencies


• Brain frequencies

• Neurotransmitters

• Biological conflict-associated brain areas

• Limbic system

Laboratory Diagnostics

• Laboratory measurements

• ICD 10 analysis

• Enzymes

• Hormones

• Organs

Structural Level

• Physical Mobility systems

• Cells

• Histoid systems

• Organ systems

• Metabolism


• Dental materials

• Dental medicines

• Dental nosodes

• Dental compounds

• Teeth and their functional circles


• Allergy information

• Drainage information

• Intoxication information

• Dietary supplement substances

• Poisoning information

• Nosode complexes/environmental toxins


• Amino acid blueprint

• Chromosomes

• Genetic disorders

• Cell biology


• Homeopathic list A-Z

• Basic substances (Polychrests)

• Miasmas

• Stress harmonization

• Constitution resources

• Diverse lists of medicinal products

• Spagyrics , Bach fl owers

• Schuessler salts, herbal extracts

Systematic Therapy

• Family relations

• Removal of foreign energies

• Transformations of main topics in life

• Systemic affi rmations

• Karmic pressures

• Constellations

Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Corporal Acupuncture

• Auricular Acupuncture

• Functional circles

• Chakras

• Healing gems


• Meridian energy technique

• Diverse test systems

TimeWaver Mobile

Mobile device for informationfield-analysis and -optimization (only as second device to TimeWaver Basis- or Med-systems incl. activation on a second PC under the license of the main unit)

TimeWaver Med Kombi

TimeWaver Med with stationary and mobile device in one set – full mobility with two independent systems* 


Science and conventional medicine does not acknowledge the existence of information fields their medical and other important TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence.

The said application is based on, treatment options, experiences and anecdotal reports from the practice.