Nuno Nina

Nuno Nina

Nuno Nina is one of the world´s leading specialists in the branch of intergrative medicine. He directs several clinics in Portugal and around the globe. Originally, his area of expertise was mathematics, systems engineering and biochemistry. The books he wrote are still part of students literature. Together with a great number of medical doctors and therapists he supervised more than 42,000 patients in the last 15 years, including several presidents of states and many well known top athletes. His inventive ability, intuition, curiosity and charisma enthuse all of those who meet him.

There are now over 100 therapists worldwide using the TimeWaver Frequency System and his methodology.

The Systemic Therapy According to Nuno Nina

Over the years Nuno Nina developed in cooperation with TimeWaver his special treatment concept involving the new TimeWaver Frequency System. It operates in three treatment phases and contains 130.000 frequences of his "Gold Frequency" databases which are suited for a wide range of indications. There is a clear and comprehensible therapy protocol which is reproducable and delegable for every user. This method of frequency therapy focuses on the cellular level and is meant to lead to a lasting success on the causal level.


Science and conventional medicine does not acknowledge the existence of information fields their medical and other important TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence.

The said application is based on, treatment options, experiences and anecdotal reports from the practice.