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Discover and experience now and on your own the existence of infinitely many possibilities and solutions through the

Leader in information technology field and information field medicine, TimeWaver

Face from now on all areas of your life deliberately by conscious choices and excellent use of your TimeWaver System. You will become more self conscious and take responsibility in the areas of health, family and career. You will save time and money and you are to be a competent, solution-oriented companion in many vital questions.

Dr. iur. Ursula Zirngibl

Your expert

Our intention is to train you through our practical experience and personal empathy to become an expert in the application of TimeWaver System.

Your personal benefit of the system is to keep your personal success.

because you as the conscious excellent user of quantum-physical system are important to us, so that your clients and / or patients experience optimal guidance.

Target groups - target areas

Whether  the end user is a a patient, doctor, therapist or coach, athlete, architect, farmer, self-employed, entrepreneur or employee, with the monitoring of TimeWaver system in the following areas, are available:

  • Human-/ dental-/ veterinary-/ Medicine
  • Business structure and management
  • Potential - and talent development
  • Competitive sports care
  • Systematic Therapy
  • Psychology Coaching
  • Metabolism and nutritional counselling
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Nature Conservation
  • Architecture and Building Biology

We offer you:

as an entry a comprehensive consultation by the TimeWaver system. We accompany sustainable and ethical buying and the conscious use of TimeWaver devices.

Is important to us:

To Perceive your needs and desires so that we identify with you the optimal application and / or equipment. You should be amazed from the beginning and feel safe.

Your personal advantage:

through our ONLINE SERVICE a optimization of your personal needs and desires.


The World Leader - The TimeWaver Information Field System

Worldwide unique and highly developed

To enable precise communication with the information field, TimeWaver meets the physical conditions in which also other systems measure themselves.. Computerized Radionic Systems  are on the market for many years. With TimeWaver modern physics has finally arrived in the region which has been called radionics. Experienced users welcome enthusiastically the innovative features of TimeWaver System

The Consistent Physical Evolution of the Mind-Matter Principle

Technology from a Single Source

TimeWaver is developed and produced in Germany using high quality components “Made in Switzerland, England and Germany” to ensure the finest workmanship and durability.

Important Note

Science and orthodox medicine do not accept the existence of information fields, their possible medical or other relevance, the TimeWaver system and their applications due to a lack of scientific proof in accordance with orthodox medicine standards. TimeWaver Med shall help the user to analyse the information field. Furthermore the systems aim is to be used to positively influence the information field.